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Golden Drum

A Basel trophy resounds around the world

On the Saturday of the tournament there will be cause for excitement, as the "Golden Drum of Basel" trophy will be awarded. This competition is now in its eighth year at LONGINES CSI BASEL, and is an established sensation – not least for the drum march composed specifically for the event.

The Golden Drum will be the main competition of the day, and offers an attractive sum of prize money. It was an immediate success: in its first year it became one of only nine swiss events to count towards the world rankings. 

The inauguration of this competition in 2012 made a significant contribution to the character of the tournament. It gives the competition its local identity: nothing is more symbolic of the confidence and pride of Basel than the iconic carnival drum. The Golden Drum trophy has spread the reputation of LONGINES CSI BASEL – and with it also the city – around the world.

Behind the Golden Drum is one of Basel's landmark institutions: the hotel Les Trois Rois. Originally created by hotel owners Ursula and Thomas Straumann, the competition now functions as a special prize for the Basel city championships, giving the trophy a uniquely local character.

  • 2019 Billy Twomey on Lady Lou
  • 2018 Werner Muff on Daimler
  • 2017 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson on Casall ASK
  • 2016 Simon Delestre on Chesall
Goldene Trommel

Not surprisingly, the trophy will not leave the city.

The winner's name will be engraved on the Golden Drum, and he or she will receive a nearly equally beautiful replica to take home.

  • 2015 Gregory Wathelet on Conrad
  • 2014 Gregory Wathelet on Conrad
  • 2013 Patrice Delaveau on Lacrimoso 3 HDC
  • 2012 Henrik von Eckermann on Quibell

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