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Media information


Please complete the accreditation form see section Downloads). The deadline is december 13, 2019.

Access Passes

Media representatives with confirmed accreditation will be issued with access passes at the event in the St. Jakobshalle Media Centre.

Text and Photo Downloads

The Organisation Committee of LONGIES CSI BASEL will make text, photos and logos available for unrestricted use to the media before, during and after the event. These documents may be found in the section Downloads

Media Centre/Event Hall Infrastructure

The Media Centre will have a staff of about 30. A wi-fi hotspot will be provided (Swisscom PWLAN), journalists and photographers will be issued access codes on request.

Media representatives will be allocated work areas (seats and commentator cabins) in the spectator stands next to the jury.

A limited number of lockers for the storage of valuables will be made available to media representatives. Padlocks may be obtained on payment of a deposit (20 CHF).


Competitors will grant interviews to media representatives on request. Interview requests should be submitted to the Media Secretary's office at the event. If possible, video interviews should always be conducted in front of the sponsor wall in the press centre.


The tournament photographer Katja Stuppia will be the contact person and coordinator. Photos may be taken from anywhere – as long as the view for spectators is not impaired. Photography from unsold seats is also permitted. On request photographers may also be granted access to the 'White Horse Club' (VIP area). Please submit your requests to the Media Secretary's office at the event.

Results Service

Current competitor and results lists will be made available in the Media Centre before and after every round respectively. Updated lists will also be published by Longines Timing (official timekeeper) directly on the website csi-basel.ch. Unfolding events may also be followed on the television monitor in the Media Centre.


TV reporters are allowed to move freely within the hall, but access to the parcours area during competitions is not permitted. On request filming of limited duration in the 'White Horse Club' may also be conducted. Please submit your requests to the Media Administrator.

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