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Basic information for all users

On our website no cookies are used for marketing purposes.

DThe cookies used on our website are exclusively "first-party cookies" and belong to the following cookie categories:

  • Session cookies
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On our website, cookies are used for the recognition of multiple uses of our offer, by the same user / internet access owner.

Cookies are small text files that your Internet browser stores and saves on your access device (PC, tablet, smartphone). They also serve to analyze the website usage by means of statistical analysis and thereby to optimize our website continuously.

These are usually "session cookies", which are deleted after the end of your visit.

However, these cookies sometimes provide information to automatically recognize you. Recognition is designed to make browsing on our website more enjoyable.

You can prevent the installation of cookies by setting your browser accordingly; however, we point out that in this case you may not be able to fully use all functions of our website.

General information about cookies

First-party cookies

"First-party cookies" are cookies that are useful for the user and primarily improve the user experience. With shopping carts or also with access controls "First-Party Cookies" are usually absolutely necessary. These "first-party cookies" are not domain-overlapping and usually come from the currently visited website. The "First-Party Cookies" are only recognized by the website from which the cookie originated. Google Analytics usually also uses "first-party cookies".

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies used for marketing purposes. "Third-party cookies" are set by third parties, not by the current website visited and can follow the paths of the user on the Web and display this tailored to other site advertising. Third-party cookies are used by Google Adwords, among others. Third-party cookies can be checked via the European website or via the American website

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